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The Parade of Homes is YOUR consumer brand. Two new and two remodeling tours each year set the stage, while our year-round website, provides a direct link with consumers every day of the year.

OK, forgive us for a moment as we brag – the BATC Parade of Homes and Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase are recognized as leaders in the country. This powerhouse brand offers members unparalleled consumer exposure at a cost-effective price. The Parade of Homes works.

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Parade of Homes Fall 2014 Mandatory Orientation:

Please note: ALL participants are required to attend our mandatory orientation to learn about our improved proofing system and other new features. You must attend one of the following orientation days at BATC:

Thursday, May 15 at 2:00pm
Wednesday, May 21 at 9:00am
Remodelers Showcase Orientation: Thursday, May 15 at 9:00am

Parade of Homes FALL 2014 Dates:

Fall Parade of Homes: September 6-28, 2014
Fall Remodelers Showcase: September 26-28, 2014

Fall 2014 Entry Deadline: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Events Drive Traffic

Our builders track traffic in their models and they consistently report two- to three-times their normal activity during the Parade of Homes events. Every time. Sure, the Internet is important and BATC provides a wonderful online tool for home buyers in the Parade of Homes website (which gets some 120,000 or more unique visitors each event). But home buyers and remodelers still want to see, touch, feel and experience their new or remodeled home directly. Our builders and remodelers tell us there is simply no better marketing tool than the tried and true Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase.

BATC spends half a million dollars each event on promotion, such as radio, TV, billboards, bus sides, web banners, newspapers and social media sites. We couple those efforts with a powerful public relations plan that generates tens of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity.

It takes hard work to make these events successful – hard work by the builders and remodelers combined with the laser focus of our BATC staff to get the most bang for our advertising dollar. Our goal is simple – we want to drive traffic to you. Then, it’s up to you to close the deal. And we provide tips and coaching to help you do that successfully.

Parade of Homes Website

We mentioned that the Parade of Homes website is an important part of our marketing mix. This site gets huge traffic during the events, and it stands strong throughout the year as well.

BATC did a complete site rebuild in 2012 to further strengthen the Parade of Homes online brand and provide even more online marketing options between events. Here are the raw numbers regarding our Parade of Homes site from 2013: 266,623 visits and 266,623 unique visitors. An average of almost five pages and four minutes per visit, for 1,829,875 total page views. In between the events, our site still draws some 8,000 to 10,000 unique visitors each month checking out our builders, remodelers and associates. In 2013, over 40 percent of the online traffic visited via our mobile site ( which is integrated with the main website and features all the homes as well as builders, remodelers and associate members.

Parade of Homes Guidebooks

You ask, is print still viable? The answer is an unequivocal yes! We track the research nationwide with regard to magazines, newspapers and print media. Did you know that the St. Paul Pioneer Press has experienced six straight years of circulation growth, for example? And many magazines have seen readership increase as well. So our Parade of Homes and Remodelers Showcase Guidebooks distributed through Holiday Stationstores remain a very important marketing tool for our members. In addition, we digitize the Guidebooks and extend their life beyond the Parade of Homes events through flip-book technology. Almost 100,000 consumers make it a point to pick up a Guidebook each event.

View our e-guidebook archives>>

Green Path Energy Tour

Today’s home buyer and remodeler is interested in energy efficiency. We’ve got the data to prove it. With that in mind, we developed the Green Path Energy Tour as part of the Parade of Homes in partnership with Xcel Energy. The Spring 2014 event will have 170 Parade Homes that had been energy-tested and received a MN Green Path Home Performance Report (HPR). These third-party documents help builders sell by providing their customers with an easy way to understand and compare a home's energy and green performance. With both Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy offering subsidy programs for RESNET testing, we believe the Energy Tour will continue to grow, and the Green Path HPR will become central to your Buy New messaging.

Parade of Homes Spring Preview and Fall Showcase Participation

Open to BATC builders in good standing, these new home tours are an incredibly effective marketing opportunity, drawing hundreds of visitors each event to view model homes.  New, never been lived in models, pre-solds, and spec inventory can be entered, plus our new-development option allows developers and builders to showcase a neighborhood before models have been completed (a staffed sales center must be open during all tour hours).  An accompanying printed Guidebook (100,000 net circulation) showcases all entries with maps and directories, and a comprehensive website includes interactive maps and advanced search options, cross-referenced builder pages, and more.  Smart-phone users are directed to the mobile site for easy searching.

Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase Participation

Open to BATC remodelers in good standing, these remodeled home tours are probably the most effective marketing opportunity a remodeler can find.  Hundreds of interested visitors tour these owner-occupied remodeled homes each event.  Any home remodeled in the past three years can be entered, including whole-house remodels and tear downs if it is for the homeowner on their own lot.  An accompanying printed Guidebook (over 50,000 net circulation) showcases all entries with maps and directories, and a comprehensive website includes interactive maps and advanced search options, cross-referenced builder pages, and more.  Smart-phone users are directed to the mobile site for easy searching.

What you get as a member, online at

All year round, the consumer-directed website helps consumers search our members in several ways.  All BATC Parade of Homes builders and remodelers are included on the site, builders are searchable by home price range, location in which they build, and the styles of homes they build, remodelers are searchable by location in which they work and types of projects they do. Non Parade builders and remodelers may pay a small fee to be included with full search capabilities (all BATC members have a base listing on the site). Our associate members are included in a classified directory listings with three free product or service types, and have an option to purchase a low-priced upgrade that allows them to include photos, catalogs, testimonials, videos and more. All Parade Homes from the current and one previous event are cross referenced with the builder or remodeler pages, which include company descriptions and links.

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